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Violets Story

Violet Ellen Ferrari-Facey

After a pretty smooth pregnancy that consisted of struggling through a pandemic, we was super excited to welcome our second child in June. I battled through working whilst trying to stay safe and ended up taking my maternity leave early just for my own sanity. We planned on having a natural birth due to a traumatic c-section with our son and was looking forward to a more laid back approach this time around.

On the 23.06.2021 our beautiful daughter Violet was born still at 11:33am due to a uterine rupture. She was a full term and an otherwise healthy baby which made our loss an even more bitter pill for us to swallow. 

We have struggled so much without her and miss her presence every day. 


Get Involved in the Volunteer Program

We need help from the local community to make this project happen. Ranging from labour to donations of materials/plants, all would be welcome.

If you would like to make a donation of any form please contact us.

Image by Rod Long
Image by Danie Franco
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