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Meet the 

Purple Flower

Every child deserves their story to be told. 
Every parent deserves to tell their child's story.

We believe that an important part of grieving is to ensure parents have an option of being able to tell their child's story if and when they choose to. Child loss can be seen as a taboo subject and pictures are dismissed when in reality they are the only photographs that parents can share. We would like to provide an area to share your Little Blossoms stories if you wish to do so.

This can be requested when filling out the form to add your Little Blossom to the garden.

Yellow Flower 1

Get Involved in the Volunteer Program

We need help from the local community to make this project happen. Ranging from labour to donations of materials/plants, all would be welcome.

If you would like to make a donation of any form please contact us.

Image by Rod Long
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