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International Women's Day

I seem to be writing that every event in life is a trigger for bereaved parents at the moment and that's because it is.

International Women's Day celebrates women past and present to highlight inequalities we have faced and still face in day to day life.

It also makes us think of our daughters; Would they have been world leaders? Someone that made an everlasting imprint on this world? The truth is they already have. Tiny little footprints that spurred mamas across the world to make a difference to others in the same position.

I think today is especially important to celebrate mothers who have lost their children.

We carried a human, birthed them, went through the earth shattering moment of them dying, carry the responsibilities of life and keeping our child's memory alive....and we are still standing.

Even if you do not feel like standing, every little moment that you have gone through today is a massive achievement and you should recognise how amazing you are.

So you can all join me with a coffee (or something stronger) and celebrate the little things we have achieved and what amazing women our daughters would have been.

You're a badass mama bear

Don't you forget it


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